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Church Choir

Thank be to God, regardless of the situation and circumstances,the church choir still sings praises and give honour and glory to the Lord almighty.

"Enter his gate with thanksgiving, and enter his court with praise" is the scripture that inspired the start of church choir. The church choir is here to give glory to the Lord. Apart from this, we also have the responsibility of leading the congregation before God during praise and worship.

If you feel that you have the desire to serve in this area, don't hesitate to join us. We welcome anyone who has a sincere desire to give praise to God and to assist in leading the congregation. Vocal and musical knowledge is of no importance. (We provide training.)

May the Lord continue to pour his blessings upon the church choir and hope that one day we can form a musical mission to preach the Gospel in every corner of the earth.

We fervently invite all of you to join us every Saturday 8:00pm.

Church Choir

We welcome you

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