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Women Fellowship

The Penang Baptist Church was founded in 1953. The Women Fellowship was established four years later in 1957. By the grace and guidance of the Lord, it was one of the earliest fellowship of the Church.

The Women Fellowship members are relatively active. They assembled every Thursday night. Members are having opportunity to learn the skill of become chairperson, song leader, prayer leader, sermonising and devotion etc.

Besides these, Women Fellowship also organise other activities such as pastor sermon, interactions, birthday services and theme seminars etc. The activities are beneficial and interesting, so as to become catalyst and additive for member's daily lives.

Our main objective is to preach the gospel. As such, this year's theme is
"Work, for the night is coming."

We fervently invite all our sisters to participate in this fellowship.

Meeting time : Every Thursday Night 8.00pm

Women Fellowship

We welcome you

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