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  Hearty greeting to Reverends, Pastors, Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

The Penang Baptist Church was established after second world war, on 1953, Southern Baptist of America mission outreach dispatched Rev. G.W. Strothez to come to Malaysia in order to look into local gospel outreach environment. At the early stage, every Sunday Family Worship was held in Madam Tan Siew Lean cottage. The worship persisted there until Western Missionary bought the 35, Anson Road bungalow. The premise was then used as worship, theological seminary and also residing place for Rev. Strothez.

The Penang Baptist Church was founded in 16th August 1953. At first, only 29 brothers and sisters along with Rev. Strothez. Rev. Ho Lo Chee, Madam Tan Siew Lean and Mr Wayne Siao whole-heartedly built the church. In December 1954, a sideline English Service was commencing. After some time, the Georgetown Baptist Church was founded. At present, Penang has six Baptist Churches, three have services in Chinese and the rest in English. A Gospel Center was then opened.

Rev. Strothez, Rev James Lim, Rev. Sidney Smithdt were the unpaid Reverends of church. Subsequently, Rev. Ho Lo Chee, Rev. Loh Hui Kee, Rev. Oo Chin Guan, Lady Pastor Hong Fei Yen, Pastor David Chuah, the then Rev. John Ong Bee Chong and Lady Pastor Wong Kam Foong dedicatedly administered and nurtured the church.


Rev G.W. Strothez
Rev. Strothez

Rev G.W. Strothez
Mdm Tan Siew Lean

  During the years, three Reverends and six Deacons were obtained. They were Rev. Ho Lo Chee, Rev. Loh Hui Kee, Rev. Oo Chin Guan, Madam Tan Siew Lean (deceased), Mr Lim Hooi Meng (deceased), Mr Tan Kim Seah, Madam Ho Oi Ying, Mrs Cheok and Mr Seow Soo Chew.

In 1957, with the US$25 thousand financial assistance from Western Missionaries and the offering from the brothers and sisters, the present premise (224, Macalister Road) bungalow was purchased with the price RM80,000.

Since the church was established, Sunday Service was held at 35, Anson Road until the premise was sold by Western Missionaries in 1967. The area was initially allotted as high class residential area. But thanks be to God, with His abundant mercies, superior mind and listen to our prayer, the government rename the area in 1977 and allowed the 224, Macalister Road bungalow to renovate into a church.

We want to give our thanks to the Almighty God for His miraculous works. Mr Teoh Kim Koon was the architect of the church building. The building committee chairman was Mr Oh Lock Inn. With the fervent prayer and offering from home and overseas brothers and sisters, new Church building was found 1st January 1978. Honorable guests were swarmed in. From then to these years, twenty years were over.

  Old Church Photo

Back then...The "old" PBC

During the 35 years, a number of gospel centers were opened. But due to rental contract due and house owner retrieve, a few were shut down. In June 1986, the church purchased a shop house in Macallum Street and renovate become a gospel center. New ministry was re-launched. At first, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Chang and the then Rev. John Ong Bee Chong were loaded with church planting task and then Lady Pastor Wong Kam Foong took over. Subsequently, Brother Fellowship, Adult Fellowship and Boys Brigade were organized. With the co-operation from Women Fellowship, Youth Fellowship, Children Fellowship, Sunday School and Church Choir etc., we hope all church members will be mobilized and undergo training, with utmost effort and courage, build the body of the Lord. The Lord is our leader, may all the glory and honor be upon Him. Amen.

New Church Photo
And Now...

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