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Penang Baptist Church Notice

Welcome to Penang Baptist Church Homepage

PBC would like to welcome all brothers, sisters and friends who come to worship God.
May the Lord bless each one of you.

  1. The Church is an organization of love, please:-
    • Visit or call those who are absent.
    • Pray for those who are weak or sick.
    • Attend prayer meetings.
  2. PBC is celebrating 47th Anniversary on 20th August 2000 and a baptism will be held on that day. For those who have decide to be baptized please inform pastor Wong to be prepared for the baptism.
  3. PBC 47th Anniversary Buffet Lunch is open for booking now. For those who are interested to join please register will brother Hu Zhung Ling
    • Adult: RM 16
    • Students: RM 8
    • Children below 6: Free
  4. A Call to the Chinese : Return to Your God seminar and dinner evangelical event will be held at following time:
    • Seminar : 11th Aug 2000 (8.00pm to 10.30pm) at Bangunan Masyarakat Penyayang
    • Dinner : 12th Aug 2000 (7:30pm) at Han Jiang Secondary School Hall

Prayer Items

  • Thank and Praise God for the sharing of the truth by Pastor Dominic Khoo
  • Pray for the admin and staffs of PBC. Pray that God will grant them wisdom, health and TLC to serve the Lord faithfully.
  • Sunday School Ministry, please pray for the Sunday School teachers:
    1. Pray for wisdom and strength and perseverance to teach.
    2. Pray that each and every one of the teacher would have good spiritual life, and able to transfer their spiritual richness to their students.
    3. Pray that the Lord will move more people into this ministry.
  • Church Ministries :
    1. Pray for various church ministries to have clear vision and unity to carry out the mission of our Lord.
  • Church & Pastor :
    1. Pray that the Lord will handle all the 'things' and 'people' in the church.
    2. Estimated expenditure for the year is RM109,090.00. Pray the Lord's providence.
    3. Pray for the Lord to lead the pastor and his family on the road ahead.
  • Pray "Love Thy Penang 2000". Pray that on that day there will be good weather and God will provide enough people and resources to help collect RM150,000 to help 15 charity organizations.

    Copyright Penang Baptist Church, 1998.
    All Rights Reserved.